About us...

The Clean Initiative is a movement towards living a clean and sustainable lifestyle. Our advocates raise awareness and initiate change with various products and services as well as multiple public outreach channels designed to promote sustainability. Our initiative started out as a grassroots movement informing residential homeowner's about choices they can make to help them save money as well as conserve Earth's valuable natural resources. These choices which include home remodeling and energy efficiency retrofitting, PV Solar Installation, and home automation not only save money, but save countless of trees while significantly reducing our carbon emissions.

Our initiative has transitioned in to various public outreach channels and events where we raise awareness in our local communities. Clean Initiative has participated in events such as local beach and park clean ups, L.A. River project restoration, as well as urban mini farming promoting fresh, organic, and sustainably grown produce. These events have helped restore our environment by protecting plants and animals native to our local eco-systems. 

Our Promise:

Clean Initiative will honor and defend our natural resources with ethical business leadership as well as socially and environmentally responsible practices. Our inspiration is to defend those without a voice; our plants and wildlife of which we share the same nature. Join the movement and take initiative for a cleaner future!